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New Life for Old or Damaged Awnings

Your awnings are constantly exposed to the elements. Over time, they will begin to show signs of wear and tear. Instead of replacing your existing awnings, let us restore them. JW Awning Co. offers detailed awning cleaning and repair work that makes your protective covers look new again.

Custom Awnings Enhancement

Stained and dirty awnings take away from the appearance of your home or business. Call us for fast and efficient awning cleaning. We use a safe, effective cleaning solution that removes dirt and stains without damaging your awning material. With the proper cleaning solution and method, even yellow Sunbrella™ awnings can be brought back to life.

Achieving the results we provide is a dream come true when you own light-colored awnings. We also perform re-stitching to repair tears, holes, and other physical damage. The cleaning solution we use is also available for purchase, so that you can do your own regular maintenance to prevent future damage.

Custom Awning Replacement

When your awnings are moderately or severely damaged, we offer a solution. JW Awning Co. creates awnings that perfectly complement your home or business. We will build brand-new awnings using your old ones or make them based on your preferred measurements.